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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Choosing a curriculum

I think this must be one of the most discussed areas among those who are new to home education! Which curriculum do you choose? How do you choose a curriculum? Should one use a curriculum at all, or is the whole point of home education that we are free from such things?

I found this document outlining the pros and cons of the different methods very useful:


Following a brief introduction explaining how we must first identify what our goals as a family are, and seek to identify the learning style of our child(ren), Carletta Sanders then gives a brief overview of each of the major curricula that are used by home educating families. So, if you are confused as to what Charlotte Mason taught, or what 'Classical Homeschooling' comprises; if you have heard of literature-based homeschooling, or of the Montessori methods; if you are keen to explore online options or if you would rather employ a more 'relaxed' methodology or even 'unschooling', this guide talks you through the benefits and pitfalls. Links are provided for those who wish to read more detail.

I found this a very helpful guide. Many of the terms I had come across during my reading around the area were clearly explained, and I no longer felt that it was a strange new world with a different language. It is a short, easy read, whereas other material I have come across is offputtingly detailed!

Our children are still very young, and I do not yet feel the need to follow a structured curriculum. I would probably describe our style as 'eclectic' at the moment; we draw on several sources, but more often we let the boys lead the way and no day is quite like another. However, I am sure I will be referring back to the document as they grow and their individual learning styles become more apparent.

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