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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Book Review: The Jesus Storybook Bible

We have several 'Childrens' Bibles' but the one which I find far and away the best is The Jesus Storybook Bible written by Sally Lloyd Jones and illustrated by Jago.


The stories are written in a style similar to that which I would use to tell my children any story - graphic, fast-paced and exciting. Which of course, is what the Bible is! But even more importantly, every story, whether it be from the Old or the New Testament, finishes with a clear explanation of how it relates to the life of Christ. I think this is of great importance; even as an adult reading the Bible, there can be times when we forget just how perfectly God planned everything. Nothing recorded in the Bible was a random event. Everything fits together clearly and purposefully.

It does not stick precisely to the Biblical text (for example, I do not think that Goliath actually said to the Israelites 'I'm going to cut off your heads and eat them on toast' as he taunted them!). So The Jesus Storybook Bible needs to be understood and used for what it is - a wonderful, captivating account of the works of God and a good introduction to both some of the best known Bible stories and God's redeeming plan. But it should be coupled with other forms of Biblical instruction too.

We read from The Jesus Storybook Bible every evening as part of our bedtime routine. We read a story from it, then discuss it (increasingly so as the boys' understanding develops), then have some songs (ideally relating to the story we have chosen). Finally we ask the boys what they want to thank God for from the story we have read and then from the day as a whole. We then pray as a family. It has helped us form a structure and it is something which the whole family benefits from. We all learn something more of God's love and grace, and this book is a resource which has enabled us all to grow in our relationship with Him.

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  1. It's a good model to use when using the bible to talk with children, whatever the story, to use it to point to christ. As it will help them to link the old testement with the new and see them as one, rather than the old testement, being slightly odd, and the new testement being all that matters now